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As of November 4th, I’ve joined Cohesity’s Technical Advocacy Group (TAG) as a Staff Technologist. Under the direction of Mike Letschin, I’ll be supporting industry veterans Chris Colloti, Jon Hildebrand, and Theresa Miller with trade show operations and various advocacy activities. Additionally, I’ll be helping to manage the Mobile Executive Briefing Center, i.e., #CohesityOnWheels. (Chris, Jon, and Mike have given vBrownBag talks at this year’s VMworld U.S. and Europe about the very unique and challenging build process for this DC. )

While joining the supporting cast of characters that support such a rockstar advocacy group was an easy decision, it was made even better by knowing that Cohesity has a solid history in supporting the vCommunity as a whole. This year alone, they’ve given community focused talks on industry burnout, sponsored the print edition of the vTrail Map and acknowledged vExperts at VMworld.

I owe a special debt of gratitude to the following individuals to whom help guide and advise me through this process; Gabe Maentz, Tony Reeves, Ariel Sanchez, Doug DeFrank, Matt Crape and certainly not last nor least, Phoummala Schmitt.

Looking forward to the road ahead.

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