HCoA Tales From The Field


EUC Customer Roundtable. Thank you for joining today’s presentation. The link for the tech can be found at the bottom of this post.


The deck has been updated for VMware Explore Barcelona

Noted changes to call out are the following;

  • New EOL date for V1 (31.1.2025), however the end of capacity date for additional pods remains at 31.10.2023.
  • Added revised links to the technical deep dive session at BCN that Rick Terlep and Graeme Gordon are scheduled to present. Hopefully a recording of this session will be made available on the Explore BCN Site.
  • Called out the different potential use cases for Azure on AVS (24 x 7 workloads) vs HCoA (burst capacity / on demand billing)
  • Add a link to the Hans Bader’s session from Explore Las Vegas on VDI Workload costing
  • Feature Parity Changes specific to the EMEA audience. Removed calling out lack of FedRAMP support in V2 and added in the lack of Azure Tagging at the pool level.


Content updated for the Boston VMUG Usercon. Deck is available at the link below.


VMware Explore Las Vegas Attendees; While I can’t share the specific deck that I presented during the event, the previous versions, shared below contain much of the same if not more detailed content. Please feel free to download the PDF. Also, reach out directly if you have additional questions not answered in the presentation.


Corrected the date included in the 6.21 post for the v1 End of General Support to 1.31.24


Dates reflecting the recent formal declaration of V1 HCoA services including both of the End of Availability (10.31.23) and End of General Support (1.31.24) have been including. I’ve also removed the previous reference below to WS1 Access Entitlement Support, as that update was pulled from the release and is now still pending implementation.


Details have been added on the Horizon Cloud offering page noting another option for organizations not want to migrate to full blown VMware SDDC + Hyperscaler offerings, i.e., VMC on AWS, would be to consume VMware partner hosted offerings.

I’ve also called out, that as of the April 23 SaaS release of WS1 Access, desktops entitlements from HCoA are now capable of being “published” to the WS1 Access catalog. Previously this was a limitation for V2.

Link below has been updated to the new deck


Practical experiences in deploying Horizon Cloud on Azure, both current and next generation.

Here is a link to the PDF copy of the presentation

Material will be updated as content and links change. Please check the reference date on the title slide for the latest information.